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Milwaukee Brewers roundtable: All-Star teams are in

Friday 13 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Milwaukee Brewers roundtable: All-Star teams are in

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The Milwaukee Brewers have officially had three players elected to the 2018 MLB All-Star team in Christian Yelich, Lorenzo Cain and Josh Hader. They have a chance to get Jesus Aguilar to join them in the final fan vote. Let’s check in with two writers from Dairyland Express to get their thoughts on all things All-Star related.
1. The Brewers had three players selected to the All-Star team. Which one was the most surprising?
Mike Wendlandt (@MikeWendlandt): Christian Yelich was a bit of a surprise. Lorenzo Cain was essentially a lock with his 4.5 WAR (sevent among all position players, first in NL), the only question with him was going to be his health. And with Josh Hader, his spot was all but assured in early May, when he made Brewers fans forget that Corey Knebel was hurt with a string of dominant appearances and record-setting strikeout numbers.

That leaves Yelich as the only one left. Yelich has been very good in his debut season wearing a Brewers uniform, but he’s been overshadowed by guys like Cain. It was more likely that he would be caught up in the numbers game, but he got the nod by the Player’s Vote. He’s definitely deserving, but is a bigger surprise than Cain or Hader or even Aguilar.

Brian Sampson (@BrianSampsonNBA): Coming from a perspective of making a strong case out of nowhere, Josh Hader is the biggest surprise, by far. Before the season began, nobody could’ve predicted he’d be an All-Star at the halfway point of the season, but here we are!

Hader has been terrific for the Brewers and is only just beginning to scratch the surface. Sure, he got roughed up against the Miami Marlins on Monday night, but that happens to everyone. If his long-term potential is in the bullpen, he figures to become one of the more dominant relievers for the next decade.

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